How does Heart Light Bokeh Work?
It is so easy to make use of this Bokeh effect to take some stunning pictures. Well, all you’ll need to do is to cut out a paper with the shape you’d like (Bokeh Filter) and place it in front of you lens with the widest aperture (any lens with aperture value 2.0 or below).
Now point your camera at small light sources like Christmas lights, led lights, traffic lights etc. Blur it out using your fine focus ring on your lens, and there you go. Any light source in frame which are not in focus would show the shape on the Bokeh filter in front of the lens.

Things needed to make a Bokeh Filter:
• Any hard paper (e.g. cereal box)
• Divider and paper cutter (to cut out the paper and shape)
• Pencil

Heart Bokeh Video:

Heart Light Bokeh

Pinterest Ready-Heart Lights

How to make Heart Light Bokeh Filter:
First, look under your lens cap for the filter thread measurement for your lens. That would be the size (diameter) of the Bokeh Filter to be cut out. So, measure half of that number (radius=half of diameter) using the divider and draw a circle on the paper; and cut it out. I use the divider itself to cut out a perfect circle as shown in my video above.
Now that you got your Bokeh Filter cut out, draw a heart on the center using your pencil. Use the paper cutter to cut the shape in the center of your Heart light Bokeh Filter. Voilà, you have a DIY Bokeh Filter now.
Since you have the exact filter thread size for your Bokeh filter, you don’t have to worry about taping the filter on to your lens. Now all you’ll need to do is to insert the bokeh filter in the filter thread of the lens and that’s it. You’re ready to take some awesome Heart light photos.