Here is my Neewer CN-160 LED lighting review. Also, the three reasons why i think you should have a Neewer CN 160 LED Light;

  1. Super cheap and quality light. That is actually two reasons; but for real, this is one of the cheapest and brightest LED light units you can buy for the price you pay for it.
  2. May be because the light sources are LED bulbs, the light is Directional in a way. And can be arranged in such a way just to illuminate the subject and not the background if you wish so, or vice versa, according to you needs. I find this very useful, especially when you have multiple units of these, so that you can arrange it from different angle and get a full coverage of your subject.
  3. Easy light solution for almost any shooting location for taking pictures and filming videos. I like how lightweight it is and easy to carry around.

Alright now, as the number in its name suggests, this LED light has one hundred and sixty individual LED bulbs in there, which gives out strong and bright light. Without a diffuser, this light hurts my eyes almost all the time if it is directly in front of my eyes. That is how bright this light could be.

Neewer CN-160 LED Light Review Video:

Neewer CN-160 Batteries:

The Neewer CN 160 takes six double A batteries, but I’ve personally never used double AA batteries in the Neewer CN-160 lights; Instead I purchased knock of rechargeable batteries for sony which is  compatible for the Neewer CN 160. The model number for this battery is NP-F550/NP-F570, and the battery is of 7.2Volts, 2600mAh. This gives a longer battery life and you could recharge these, use this over and over again. That is a definite advantage over double A batteries.

I’ve never really tracked on how long it lasts, but once i put this on, it stays in for a few days for me depending on how often i use ‘em. As you can see here, I have one of my Neewer CN 160 batteries set up here from behind me as a hair line light.

Neewer CN-160 Dimmer DIal:

Also, the Neewer CN-160 comes with a dimmer dial on its side with which you could turn the brightness or intensity of the light up or down according to your needs. If you turn the dial down a little further, it would click and turn off completely, which basically also makes this dial an ON/OFF switch.

And just below the battery compartment is a nifty little button along with four red led lights to represent the battery level, to show if the battery level is full, three by fourth, half or a quarter.

Clolour Filters For Neewer CN-160 LED Light:

The Neewer CN-160 comes with different kinds of colour filters which you can use to change the colour temperature of the scene. Works for both filming videos and taking photos alike. These interchangeable colour filters slides right in front of the light and stays pretty firm in there. The most used filters for me are the orange and white filters. I would say this white filter is a must because it softens the light and makes it less harsh on the subject. The orange filter gives a warm colour temperature and what i do to control it is, to adjust the filter in its slit half way through and cover up the rest with baking sheet or something like that if needed. This helps me to achieve the right colour temperature and to better represent the skin colour tones.

Adjustable Base Is A Big Plus with CN-160:

The Neewer CN 160 has an adjustable base which could be set to a desired angle by loosening this turn knob to adjust the light and tight back up to fix the desired direction. Also, at the bottom is a cold shoe mount which could be fit on top of a camera with a hot shoe mount or any other similar compatible mounts.

In addition to that, this base has a quarter inch thread to it, which makes it even more feasible to be used on tripods or any stands with the same thread mount.

Neewer CN-160 Review Conclusion:

Overall, i’d say this Neewer CN 160 is a must have LED light if you are in for a cheap lighting solution. It is of course not going to light up the whole ballet hall but for the right shooting purposes, the Neewer CN 160 could be a perfect companion for your camera.

I currently have two of these, one always stays on this stand as my hairline light in my office and the other one would always be somewhere around to provide fill light, sometimes I use it as a main source as well depending on what len I use and how far I am from the camera for my YouTube videos. And I’m definitely planning to get more of these, the ones with more LED bulbs in it.

So that is my review on the Neewer CN 160. If you haven’t yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, Here is the link below.

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